This page is dedicated to useful web sites and references about the Marchetti SF 260, the Belgian Air Force, and the people who helped me with the project – and developed my passion for aviation and warbirds


Serge Van Heertum – I had the luck to come across Serge while looking for reference materials on the paint scheme for the Belgian Marchetti SF 260 from the 70’s. While looking on the web, I came across this reference book and this excellent website One email out to him and Serge was immediately responding with a ton of photos and references that web never knew about. All of crucial details captured in ST-12 / N26AE is because of Serge. Many thanks Serge – and please buy a copy of the “Agile Penguins” – this is the best reference book about the Marchetti SF 260 M and D – with all the history of the BAF.


Hendrick Van Der Veen – Again, while looking for information, I came across this very resourceful web site – After sending an email to Hendrick in response to an add about replica pylons you can install on the SF260 – I was surprised to hear that Hendrick had a ride in N26AE a few year earlier when he visited the Los Angeles area and Pete gave him a tour of the Malibu area.


Pete Leffe – The best of my luck wasn’t to have found N26AE – but to have met his owner. I was not only lucky to by the plane from him – but also to get trained on N26AE before my check ride with Sean Gillette.








Ray Myllyla – stealth aviation

Mike Patlin – Air Power International

Jonatan “Ilio” Pacciardi – Corona Air Paint

Sean Gillette –

Laura Laban

Arnaud Caron

Thomas Alsina

Martin Michaud

Dominique Yarritu

La Famille Salis et biensur Jean et Baptiste Salis

Michel Bezy

Pierre Dague

La Ferte Alais

Yves Cartilier

Ben Wilhelmi –

Serge Lizere

and last but not least – mes parents, Andre et Claudine Domine

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